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    In response to customer requests regarding the release of oil on the surface of greases, the company explains.

    Accelerated territory development by the Russian Federation of the Arctic, Far North and Far East regions required the development of new greases for special and General-purpose vehicles. «ELC Miscom» LLC in collaboration with the one of science institution created, patented and put on serial production of the unique multipurpose plastic antifriction greas Arctol, replacing a number of developed in 60-70’s the last century greases (CIATIM-201, CIATIM-203, Lita, MS-70, 158 , etc.), the quality of certain types of which is significantly reduced due to the development of reserves of unique raw materials. The Arctol grease has improved characteristics for extreme pressure properties and frost-resistance. At the same time the properties of «Arctol» grease allow the equipment to be successfully operated in medium and even southern climatic zones. The Arctol grease is fully compatible with «Litol-24» and «CIATIM-201» greases and doesn’t require of cleaning the «old» grease. More..

    On the current moment, on the basis of the Arctol, grease, «ELC MISCOM» LLC in collaboration with the one of science institution  is developing a semi-liquid transmission grease.


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Certificate of accordance the quality management system of organization:
ISO 9001-2015 № POCC RU.2208.18. МОБСИ/ГОС

The company is a member of the European Institute of lubricants.

The company «ELC Miscom» LLC was founded in 2001. For more than 20 years, the company has been a leader in the manufacture of low-tonnage greases, oils and hydraulics liquids used in products of the space and aviation industry, devices for various purposes, friction units of aircraft, machines and mechanisms.

горюче смазочные материалы Миском

The range of created fuels and greases presented in the company’s price list is constantly growing.

The company’s specialists pay special attention to creating oils for the industrial complex and the aviation industry these are: CIATIM-201, CIATIM-221, VNII NP-207, VNII NP-225, VNII NP-219, VNII NP-220, VNII NP-232, VNII NP-242, VNII NP-282, SAPFIR, ATLANTA, ERA, PFMS-4С, LITOL-24, graphite grease USSA, GOI-54P, ARTKOL, oil 132-07;08;19;20;21, oil BT-301, Grease №9, VNII NP-274, MS-70, suspensions VNII NP-212, VNII NP-213, VNII NP-230А and many other products.

On the current moment, on the basis of the Arctol, grease, «ELC MISCOM» LLC in collaboration with the one of science institution is developing a semi-liquid transmission grease. Manufactured products have access to production and use, certificates of conformity, safety data sheets.

We have at our disposal modern means of production, mechanization, quality control and storage of petroleum products.

The company’s laboratory is certified and accredited by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology.

The main customers and consumers of our products are factories and companies that manufacture and maintain and operate equipment and devices, including aviation, space and special ones. The company supplies its products to more than 15 countries, including China, India, Germany, Republic of Belarus and other countries.

The company closely cooperates with scientists of leading institutes of our industry for improving of using properties, quality control and development new marks of fuel and greases – State scientific-research institute of the Moscow region of the Russian Federation, State scientific-research Institute of civil aviation, State scientific-research Institute of chemistry and organometallic compounds.

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