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Grease MS-70 (GOST 9762-76) — Low viscosity petroleum oil thickened with stearates barium and aluminum, and also ceresin; it contains the viscous additive. Main operational characteristics of the МС-70 grease: water-resistance, conservation properties and frost-resistance; it provides periodic operation of mechanisms during 10 years. The grease is workable at temperature from minus 45 to plus 65 Celsius degree, in powerful mechanisms at temperature from minus 50 Celsius degree. It’s applied in rolling and sliding bearings that are directly contacted with sea water.

The grease МС-70. GOST 9762-76. Specifications (with Changes N 1, 2, 3, 4)

State standard of the USSR

The grease МС-70


Information data

1. Developed and submitted by the Ministry of oil refined and petrochemical industry of the USSR.


E.M. Nikonorov, doctor of engineering; V.V. Bulatnikov, candidate of technical Sciences; M.B. Bakaleynikov, candidate of technical Sciences (topic managers); V.G. Melnikov, candidate of technical Sciences; S.A. Bnatov, candidate of chemical Sciences; Z.I. Antonova.

2. Approved and put into effect by the Resolution of the State Committee of standards of the USSR of January 21, 1976 N 161.

3. Instead of GOST 9762-61.

4. Reference normative and technical documents.

The designation of the reference document, which is given the link

Paragraph number

GOST 9.054-75


GOST 12.1.007-76


GOST 1050-88


GOST 1461-75


GOST 1510-84


GOST 1805-76


GOST 2477-65


GOST 2488-79


GOST 2517-85

2.2, 3.1

GOST 5346-78


GOST 6307-75


GOST 6479-73


GOST 6793-74


GOST 7142-74


GOST 7143-73


GOST 7163-84


GOST 13303-86


GOST 23258-78

Introduction part

5. The validity period was extended by the Resolution of State standard of the USSR of October 11, 1989 N 3030.

6. Reissue (March 1993) with Changed N 1, 2, 3, 4 approved in November 1978, in December 1980, in March 1985, in October 1989 (IUS 12-78, IUS 12-80, IUS 6-85, IUS 1-90)

Checked in 1985.

This standard applies on the plastic grease МС-70 applied as an antifriction and to protect against corrosion of friction units of metal surfaces of devices and mechanisms contacted with sea water. The minimum temperature of application is minus 50 Celsius degree.

Designation of the grease according to GOST 23258-78: НБа-Ал-T/6-3.

(Revised version, Ed. N 4).

1. Specifications

1.1 The grease is produced by thickening of the МВП instrument oil according to GOST 1805-76 of barium and aluminum soaps of stearate acid with addition of ceresin grades 80 according to GOST 2488-79 and polyisobutylene grades П-200 and П-155 according to GOST 13303-86.

1.2 The grease must be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of this standard to the technology and from raw materials are were applied in the development of prototype greases that have passed the tests with positive results.

1.3 According to physical and chemical indicators, the МС-70 grease must comply with the requirements and standards are represented below in the table:

Indicator name


Test method

1. Appearance

Homogeneous ointment without lumps and grains in a thin layer, transparent from light brown to dark brown, when stretched between the fingers gives a small moustache.

Under paragraph 3.2. of this standard

2. Drop-off temperature, Celsius degree, not lower


According to GOST 6793-94

3. Effective viscosity at average strain rate gradient 10 s and at temperature of minus 30 Celsius degree, P*s(P), no more than


According to GOST 7163-84

4. Tensile strength at temperature of plus 50 Celsius degree, Pa (gs/cm), not less than


According to GOST 7143-73

5. Colloid stability, %, of released oil, no more than


According to GOST 7142-74

6. Protective properties test during 30 hours

It withstands

According to GOST 9.054-75, method 1 and under paragraph 3.3 of this standard

7. Water-soluble acids and alkalis contents


According to GOST 6307-75

8. Mass fraction of water, %, no more than


According to GOST 2477-65

9. Ash contents, %, within


According to GOST 1461-75

10. Mass fraction of mechanical impurities contents, %, no more than


According to GOST 6479-73

11. Penetration at temperature 25 Celsius degree

It’s not rated

According to GOST 5346-78

(Revised version, Ed. N 1).

2a. Safety requirement

2a.1 The МС-70 grease by degree of impact on the body belongs to the 4th hazard-class (low-hazard) according to GOST 12.1.007.

2a.2 The grease doesn’t irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the eye, it hasn’t the ability to accumulate.

2a.3 Maximum permissible concentration of hydrocarbon vapors from the МВП instrument oil in the air of the production room is 300 mg/m.

Hydrocarbons contents in the air is determined of the УГ-2 device.

2a.4 The МС-70 grease is combustible product of the IV group.

In case of ignites of the grease all fire extinguishing means are applied: sprayed water, foam; in case of volume extinguishing - carbon dioxide, the composition of compressed liquid bromine ethyl and superheated steam.

2a.5 While operate with the grease should apply personal protective equipment according to the industrial standards approved in the established order.

Section 2a. (Entered additionally, Ed. N 3).

2. Acceptance rules

2.1 The grease is taken in batches. A batch is considered to be the quantity of grease weighing up to 3,5 tons of simultaneous production, homogeneous on the quality indicators, accompanied by a single quality document containing the data according to GOST 1510-84.

(Revised version, Ed. N 3).

2.2 The volume of samples is determined according to GOST 2517-85.

2.3 If unsatisfactory test results are obtained for at least one indicator, repeated test are performed on a newly selected sample take from the same sample.

The results of repeated tests are distributed to the entire batch.

(Revised version, Ed. N 4).

2.4 The indicator for item 11 of the table is determined if only the grease is exported.

(Revised version, Ed. N 1).

3. Test methods

3.1 Samples of the grease is taken according to GOST 2517. For the combined sample, take 2 kg of grease.

(Revised version, Ed. N 3).

3.2 To determine the appearance, the grease is applied with a spatula on the plate size 50x70 mm thick 2-3 mm made from the colorless glass using a template (internal dimension 35x35 mm, thick 1 mm) and viewed in passing light.

(Revised version, Ed. N 3).

3.3 Protective properties test is carried out on the steel plates grades 40 or 45 according to GOST 1050-88.

(Revised version, Ed. N 2).

3.4 (Excluded, Ed. N 2).

4. Packing, labeling, transportation and storage

4.1 Packing, labeling, transportation and storage is carried out according to GOST 1510-84 with the following addition: the grease is packed in banks or cans made with white tin with a capacity of 1 to 20 liters. The grease must be stored in the manufacturer’s container.

5. Manufacturer’s guarantee

5.1 The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of the produced grease with the requirements of this standard if storage conditions are met.

5.2 The warranty period of the grease is 5 years from the day of manufacture.

Section 5 (Revised version, Ed. N 3).

Section 6 (Revised version, Ed. N 4).

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