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zagl Litol-24(GOST 21150-87) - Antifriction multipurpose water-resistance grease based on mineral oil, lithium soap and a high-effective package of additives. It is applied in rolling and sliding bearings of all types, hinges, gears and other transmissions; on the friction surfaces of wheels and tracks of transport; in industrial mechanisms, electro machines, etc. The grease is workable at temperature from minus 40 to plus 120 Celsius degree, short-term performance is maintained at temperature up to plus 130 Celsius degree.

The greaseLitol-24. GOST 21150-87. Specifications.

International standard

The grease Litol-24


Information data

1. Developed and submitted by the Ministry of oil refined and petrochemical industry of the USSR.

2. Approved and put into effect by the Resolution of State standard of the USSR of December 1, 1987 N 4343.

3. Instead of GOST 21150-75.

4. Reference normative and technical documents.


The designation of the reference document, which is given the link

Paragraph number

GOST 9.030-74


GOST 9.080-77


GOST 12.1.007-76

GOST 12.1.018-93

GOST 111-2001


GOST 263-75


GOST 859-2001


GOST 1510-84

1.3, 4.1

GOST 2477-65


GOST 2517-85

2.2, 3.1

GOST 3118-77


GOST 5346-78


GOST 5789-78


GOST 6479-73

1.2.1, 3.5

GOST 6707-76


GOST 6793-74


GOST 7142-74


GOST 7143-73


GOST 7163-84


GOST 9490-75


GOST 9566-74

1 2.1

GOST 14710-78


GOST 18300-87


GOST 19295-73


GOST 23258-78

Introduction part

GOST 25336-82



5. The term limit was lifted under the Protocol N 3-93 of the Interstate Council for standardization, Metrology and certification (IUS 5-6-93).

6. Reissue

This standard applies on the antifriction multipurpose water-resistance greases Litol-24 and Litol-24РК are intended to use in wheels and tracks friction units of transport, industrial equipment and marine mechanisms for various purposes operating at temperature from minus 40 to plus 120 Celsius degree (short-term up to plus 130 Celsius degree). The Litol-24РК grease is intended also for their conservation.

The greases are manufactured by thickening a mixture of mineral oils of lithium soaps technical of 12-oxistearatic acid with the addition of additives.

Designation of the grease according to GOST 23258: Litol-24 – MLi 4/12-3 and Litol-24РК – MLi 4/13-3.

1. Specifications

1.1 The grease must be produced according with the requirement of this standard from materials and on technology used during manufacture of prototypes of the grease that have been tested with positive results and allowed for use according to established order.

1.2 Characteristics

1.2.1 According to physical and chemical indicators, the grease must comply with the requirements and standards are represented below in the table:


Indicator name

Norm by brands

Test method


ОКП 02 5441 0202


ОКП 02 5441 0202

1. Appearance

Homogeneous ointment from light yellow to brown color.

Homogeneous ointment from light brown to dark brown color.

Under paragraph 3.2. of this standard

2. Drop-off temperature, Celsius degree, not lower



According to GOST 6793

3. Penetration at 25 Celsius degree, with mixing



According to GOST 5346, method B

4. Viscosity, P*s(P):





According to GOST 7163

At temperature of minus 20 Celsius degree and average strain rate gradient of 10 sec, no more than



At temperature of 0 Celsius degree and average strain rate gradient of 10 sec, no more than



At temperature of plus 50 Celsius degree and average strain rate gradient of 100 sec, no less than



5. Tensile strength, Pa (gs/cm):

According to GOST 7163, method B

At temperature plus 20 Celsius degree



At temperature plus 80 Celsius degree, not less than



6. Colloid stability, %, of released oil, no more than



According to GOST 7142

7. Corrosion effects on metals

It withstands

According to GOST 9.080, with addition under paragraph 3.3 of this standard

8. Evaporability at temperature plus 120 Celsius degree, %, no more than



According to GOST 9566

9. Mass fraction of free alkali, in terms of NaOH, %, no more than



According to GOST 6707

10. Mass fraction of free organic acids, mg KON per 1 g of the grease, no more than



According to GOST 6707

11. Water contents


According to GOST 2477с with addition under paragraph 3.4 of this standard

12. Mass fraction of mechanical impurities contents, %, no more than



According to GOST 6479с with addition under paragraph 3.5 of this standard

13. Lubricating properties on a four-ball machine at temperature of (20+/-5) Celsius degree, not less than:

According to GOST 9490

Welding load (Ps), N (kgs)



Critical load (Pk), N (kgs)



The index of abrasion (from)



14. Rubber swelling grades 26-44, %

Under paragraph 3.6 of this standard

Volume change



Hardness change



15. Mechanical stability

According to GOST 19295

Initial tensile strength at temperature of plus 20 Celsius degree, Pa (gs/cm)

The index of destruction

The index of recovery

Tensile strength after destruction or restoration during 3 days, Pa(gs/cm)

Note. In the number of mechanical impurities are not allowed sand and other abrasive and metal solids.

1.2.2 Safety requirement The Litol-24 and Litol-24РК greases by degree of impact on the body belongs to the 4th hazard-class (low-hazard) according to GOST 12.1.007. While operate with the grease must apply personal protective equipment according to the industry standards approved in the established order. The grease Litol-24 and Litol-24РК on the rate of impact on the body belongs to the 4th hazard-class (low-hazard) according to GOST 12.1.007. In case of fire the following fire extinguishing means are applied: sprayed water and foam based on ПО-1Д and ПО-3А. Production rooms where is being carried out with greases, must be equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation. The equipment must be grounded from static electricity according to GOST 12.1.018.

1.3 Packing and labeling is carried out according to GOST 1510.

2. Acceptance rules

2.1 The grease is taken in batches. A batch is considered to be any quantity of grease, manufactured in one technological cycle, homogeneous on the component composition and quality indicators, issued by a quality document.

In the document, certifying of the grease quality of the highest quality category must be applied an image of the State Mark of the quality.

2.2 The volume of samples is determined according to GOST 2517.

2.3 To check the conformity of the grease quality with the requirement of this standard greases are subjected to acceptance and periodic tests.

2.3.1 Each batch of greases are subjected to acceptance test according to the indicators of the table 1, 2, 4-12.

2.3.2 Periodic tests of the grease the manufacturer conducts to indicators 13-15 of the table: for the Litol-24 grease - at least once every 6 months; for the Litol-23РК - at least than once a quarter.

If unsatisfactory test results are obtained for at least one indicator, all batches are checked until positive test results are obtained for at least three batches in a row.

2.3.3 The indicator 3 of the table is determined in the Litol-24 grease is exported, or at the request of the consumer.

2.4 If unsatisfactory test results of periodic test are obtained for at least one indicator, repeated tests are performed on a newly selected sample take from the same sample.

The results of repeated tests are distributed to the entire batch.

2.5 To check the conformity of the packing and labeling with the requirements of this standard, take 3% of packing units, but not least than three. If unsatisfactory results are obtained, the double sample is checked.

The results of repeated tests are distributed to the entire batch.

3. Test methods

3.1 The combined sample of the grease is taken according to GOST 2517.

For the combined sample, take 1,5 kg of grease.

3.2 To determine the appearance, the grease is applied on the glass according to GOST 111 with a layer of 1-2 mm and viewed with the naked eye in passing light. T Granular structure isn’t allowed. The presence of air bubbles isn’t a sign of defective.

3.3 Corrosion test is carried out on copper plates grades M0k, or M1k, or M0б according to GOST 859. Color tint and weak reddish-brown coloration of the plates during testing of the Litol-24РК grease aren’t defective signs.

3.4 When determining of water contents, a load is taken of 25 g of the grease.

3.5 When determining of mechanical impurities contents to decompose the grease 20-25 g of the grease is taken weigh with an error not more than 0,1 g and put it in a canonical flask according to GOST 25336 with capacity of 250-500 cm. Then put in the flask 50 cm of the 10-% solution of hydrochloric acid according to GOST 3118, 50 cm of benzine or petroline ether, 50 cm of toluene according to GOST 5789 or GOST 14710 and 30 cm of rectified technical ethyl alcohol of the highest grade according to GOST 18300. The flask with contents is heated with a reverse refrigerator in a water bath until the grease is completely dissolved.

Then the definition is carried out according to GOST 6479.

3.6 The change in the volume of rubber after aging in the grease is determined according to GOST 9.030, method A.

The change in the hardness of rubber after aging in the grease is determined according to GOST 9.030, method B. Measurements of the hardness of rubber according to the Shore are conduct in accordance with GOST 263.

Test samples of rubber are kept in the grease at temperature of plus 125 Celsius degree during 70 hours. After thermostatings the samples of rubber are removed from the grease and remove the grease from the surface with a filter paper or cloth. The cleaned samples of rubber are washed by dipping no more than 30 seconds in benzine of alcohol and blot with a filter paper. After that, the necessary measurements are conducted.

4. Transportation and storage

4.1 Transportation and storage is carried out according to GOST 1510.

4.2 The grease must be contained in the manufacturer’s container.

5. Manufacturer’s guarantee

5.1 The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of the grease quality with the requirements of this standard if transportation and storage conditions are met.

5.2 The warranty period for storing of the grease is 5 years from the day of manufacture.

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