The company «ELC MISCOM» LLC was founded in 2001. For more than 20 years, the company has been a leader in the manufacture of low-tonnage greases, oils and hydraulics liquids used in products of the space and aviation industry, devices for various purposes, friction units of aircraft, machines and mechanisms.

Products are certificated. The development of new products is organized in collaboration with leading scientific- research Institutes in in the field of lubricants. For 6 product names were obtained patents for the invention.

By company’s specialists developed and introduced into production unique greases «ARCTOL» which have freezing temperature below 70 Celsius degree, «OPTIC» - for optic devices, «CIATIM-221c» (the only one in the Russian Federation).

Among more than 450 permanent partners and consumers which use the company’s products are.  «ELC MISCOM» LLC product is supplied more than 12 foreign countries: Germany, India, Sudan, Yemen, UAE, China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other.

The technological equipment of the enterprise corresponds to the level of foreign manufacturers of similar products, which, together with qualified personnel, ensures the quality of products at the level of the world's leading manufacturers.

Quality management system in «ELC MISCOM» LLC is certificated according to ISO 9001:2015 – certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.TPRO.001.S000447 of issued 27.07.2021.

The production base of the enterprise is located on the Central Federal District. The presence of railways tracks and automobile access roads ensure rational logistics of raw material supplies and finished product shipment to consumers. The presence of a leased office of the company in the Moscow provides an opportunity to quickly solve commercial and organizational issues.

The production building houses a certified laboratory for product quality control 390 test methods have been mastered and certified. About 100 products and raw materials are regularly analyzed.

Using the production and intellectual opportunities of «ELC MISCOM» LLC and our long-term reliable partners allow us to expand the range and volume of production, to hope for an increase in the volume of orders and the effective use of domestic fuels and greases in all sectors of the Russian economy.

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