AVGAS 100LL fuel for the first flight of the IL-14T “The Penguin”


We are happy and proud to tell You that the first flight of the restored IL-14T, as known “The Penguin” from Myachkovo to Stupino took place. It is named “The Penguin” because of the coloring which is characteristically for “arctic” IL-14’s.

Restoration and organization of the flight carried out of Albatros Aero (aviation and sports club) members, it is a regional public organization an organization for the airplane rescue which were sent to an “Eternal parking”, and people who can’t imagine their lives without the sky. Their selfless work can’t help admire, because this is not the single historical airplane under their care, raised by them to the sky.

We, LLC ELC MISCOM we were happy to have helped the first flight of the IL-14T, and our company provided 1000 liters of the AVGAS-100LL aviation gasoline to make the flight not only possible, but also safer. And company’s emblem flew from Myachkovo to Stupino on the fuselage of that looker.

You can read about the flight and restoration of “The Penguin” in the LiveJournal, or the Facebook. Here are a number of photos the first flight:


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