The Engineering Lubrication Company “Miscom” is primarily a manufacturing company that has its own production facilities, highly qualified specialists, an accredited testing laboratory and storage facilities.

Main product group:

  • Greases for rocket and space technics.
  • Aviation greases.
  • Instrument greases.
  • Multi-purpose greases.
  • Greases for electric machines.
  • Conservation (protective) greases.
  • Chemical-resistant greases.
  • Low-temperature greases.
  • Heat-resistant greases.
  • Special greases for optical devices.
  • Hydraulic fluid.
  • Special greases for the Arctic regions.
  • Oil for rocket technics.
  • Instrument oils.
  • Synthetic oils.
  • Greases for artillery systems.
  • Row components for high-tech greases.
  • Working fluid.
  • The running pastes.
  • Creating new products to meet customer requirements.
  • The production base is located in Tver region, Konakovskiy district, urban village Redkino. Technological equipment for the production of greases is a set functionally connected devices in accordance with technological regulations that ensure the implementation of established operations for processing recycle raw materials and physical and chemical processes to bring the finished product to standard quality indicators.

Equipment includes::

  • Equipment with mixing and heating devices
  • Homogenizers to achieve product uniformity
  • Heating devices for heat treatment of the product
  • Refrigerators for product cooling
  • Dispensers for adding additives and components, filling containers
  • Scrubbers for cleaning evaporated gases
  • Vacuum cabinets for product aeration
  • Screw and blade mixers
  • Laboratory devices and equipment for the testing laboratory
  • 80% of the equipment was designed in 2000s, is kept in good condition, hasn’t traces of corrosion, body parts damages, systems of heating, electro engines, electro wares, wiring wear parts are replaced with new ones in a timely manner. Technical equipment readiness coefficient – 1,0. Modern elements of technological processes are implemented: induction heating, an automatic system control of the technological process parameters.

Production building includes:

  • Shop for the production of greases and special liquids
  • Shop for the production of lithium greases
  • The site for the production of graphite greases
  • The site for the production of ultra-pure greases
  • The site of synthesis of the organosilicon products
  • Locksmith-mechanical and welding section
  • 2 operator rooms
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