Mineral, partially or fully synthetic oils are used as base components.Transmission oils are base oils doped with various functional additives.Transmission oils are intended for use in friction units of transmission units of cars and trucks, buses, tractors, locomotives, road construction and other machines, as well as in various gearboxes and worm gears of industrial equipment.

General requirements
Transmission oils operate at high sliding speeds, pressures, and a wide temperature range. Their starting properties and long-term performance should be provided in the temperature range from -60 to +150 °C. Therefore, transmission oils have quite strict requirements.
General requirements for transmission oils are determined by the design features, purpose and operating conditions of the transmission unit.The ability of the oil to perform and maintain the functions of the structural material for a long time is determined by its performance properties.In transmission units, lubricating oil is an integral part of the design.

All these properties of transmission oil can be provided by introducing the appropriate functional additives into the base oil: depressant, extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-foam, etc.have high physical stability in long-term storage conditions.have good anti-foam properties;have sufficient compatibility with rubber seals;to have good protective properties when in contact with water;not have a corrosive action on transmission parts;have good viscosity-temperature properties;to possess high anti-oxidation stability;have sufficient extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-pitting properties;To ensure reliable and long-term operation of transmission units, lubricants must have certain characteristics:Oils should not be toxic.reduction of noise and vibration of gears, reduction of shock loads.heat removal from friction surfaces;reducing friction energy losses to a minimum;protection of friction surfaces from wear, jamming, pitting and other damages;The main functions of transmission oils:

Oil TAP-15В (GOST 23652—79)
Oil TEP-15 (GOST 23652-79)
Oil TSP-15К (GOST 23652-79)
Oil TAD 17I (GOST 23652-79)
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