In connection with the termination of production at the Moscow Neftemaslozavod, OOO in ISK MISKOM" agreement from 12.10.2017 No. 39/17 referred to the technical documentation and the right to use it in the production of the following lubricants:

Oil VNII NP-50-1-4F; malasmas SM-4,5; lubrication: VNII NP-248, VNII NP-275, VNII NP-281, VNII NP-283, VNII NP-290, VNII NP-295, VNII NP-298, VNII NP-299, VNII NP-502, VNII NP-510, VNII NP-505 (Start), tsiatim-205, ZES, MS-70, DELTA, Therma, proton and etc.

In addition, under contracts №№ 31/17, 32/17, 33/17, 34/17, 35/17, 36/17 as of 14.09.2017, ISC MISKOM LLC has been assigned the functions of holder of technical specifications and the right to manufacture suspensions of VNII NP-212, VNII NP-213, VNII NP-230, lubricants of VNII NP-280, VNII NP-294 and Lubricants No. 9. We invite all interested consumers to cooperate.

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